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Neriman Nalbantova

Neriman Nalbantova is a hairdresser with many years of experience. The beginning of her career started in the Salon of Stylist Kapanov, where the desire for work and creative spirit are rewarded.
She earns award winning prizes, such as Grand Prix for “Evening Hairstyle” at the 15th International Hairstyle and Beauty Festival, as well as the “Bridesmaid Hairstyle” award earlier.
In 2014, she starts working in “Vassil Atanasov” salon – where she gets new knowledge and improves her skills. She received numerous certificates and in 2015 she won the award for “Best Hairdresser – Expert in 2015” – recognition by Loreal Bulgaria Academy.

Neriman has artistic personality, her artistic attitude developed in her early childhood. During the years she gain experience in the fields of Interior Design, Fashion Design, Marketing, Jewelery, Acting.
She calls herself a “crazy artist”! Her kingdom is the hair salon and her knights are the scissors!

“I’ve always wanted to make people happy and over the years I’ve been blamed about it, but nobody understands you better than yourself!
I went through very difficult moments until I got here, but I know that the best is yet to come. I am grateful to my family, because they support all my efforts, and above all my mother – she is my fighter!”


Zlatina Mihaylova

In 2013 Zlatina finishes a 4-month course at Dupnitsa, Bulgaria for a manicurist and immediately starts working in the field. In 2015 she finished another course in Sofia, Bulgaria at Cuccio in the New Generation training center. She has a Design Certificate for gel nail dyes. Her hobby is her passion, which is also her profession. A real dream come true. She loves her craft and practices it with great pleasure.

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